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"I slept and dreamt that life was Joy.
I woke and saw that life was Duty.
I acted, and behold, Duty was Joy."
Rabindranath Tagore

"The skepticism about human rationality that science inspires should not be taken as support for authoritarianism or paternalism… On the contrary, it should render questionable all claims to wise and disinterested leadership, including those of America’s own altruistic progressive technocrats who propose policies to “nudge” the unenlightened masses into doing the right thing. It makes more sense to think of our leaders and intellectuals as half-crazed hooting howler monkeys — just like the rest of us."
Michael Lind, Salon, August 23,2011
“Seeing what isn’t there is half the job of being on the Left. The other half is changing what isn’t there through costly, intrusive, and ill-conceived initiatives (save 10 percent for keeping Charlie Rangel out of trouble).” -Abe Greenberg, October 9, 2009
“To date, what non-Obama voters see, and fear, is a candidate content to coast to the nomination and then conduct a blandly conservative campaign. They want a more substantive choice than that. They want to have it out over the worth or danger of Barack Obama’s ideas. They want the chance to ratify Washington’s enormous long-term claims on the country’s wealth, or decisively reject them." – Daniel Henninger, WSJ, July 21, 2011
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We're Moving

That's the royal We.

It's the age of Obama, folks, and eight years without a is long enough.  I'm using the opportunity afforded by Squarespace (my platform) to change to the latest iteration of it, S6 and we have a new look.

Go here: Save Your Applause.  With any luck, I'll soon have Quid pointing to the new site so you won't have to fiddle with book marks or coming back here.  I have migrated all my pages to SYA ("save your asterisk"?) so you can browse down memory lane if the desire overtakes you.




One Cabinet, Please, Shaken Not Stirred

You know, I was just thinking yesterday when Eric Holder wondered aloud whether he had enough solar panels wind turbines unicorn farts gas to keep going in his job, how will they ever replace him with someone so gloriously oblivious to the very reason for his job?  If he used the Constitution to wipe himself he'd be treating it better than he does on a daily basis professionally- at least he would then be putting it to use.  On Team Hacktastic, they will retire his number, I thought.  Eric Holder is to Corrupt Politics what Knute Rockne was to Notre Dame football, second only to the Goal Post Jesus, a.k.a, The One.  He is truly irreplaceable, having demonstrated an ability to think so far outside the box that we no longer think the Attorney General's job has anything to do with the Law (ew: I hate even writing that word now.  Dog germs.)  What will they do when he's gone?

And then, out of nowhere, in a cloud of dust and on a big white horse, came…


I feel safer knowing that Valerie Jarrett has been negotiating with the Iranians on our behalf.

Diplomacy is always best after during a nap: John Kerry for Secretary of State.

And Benghazi will be all solved because David Petraeus will find a congressional hearing to be a pleasant break from the home front.  He's in the mood to come clean and take responsibility.  I wonder if he copped to an affair that someone else had just for warm ups?

Obama's first trip: to Turkey! To wrap up all the shady arms deals to al-Qaeda in the Syrian Desert that were inconveniently interrupted by al-Qaeda in the Mahgreb.  I can just see it now: John Kerry testifying to the atrocities that Chris Stephens committed, in a manner reminiscent of Ghengis Khan. 



To the Queen!


Get the Winch

I need to be upright to post.

I guess technically one can post from the horizontal. I don't but one cannot think correctly while immitating Sunny von Bulow.  "Barkeep, I'll have what she's having."

You wanted to know how I feel about the election.  There you have it.  

I'm keeping my "Ted Cruz for Senate" widget up as a reminder of one of the sole bright spots.

First, let me register a complaint about the Fox News coverage: whose [bad word-ing] bright idea was it to lock the lusciously geeky and traditional Michael Barone in the back tabulation room while the, uh, compromised Karl Rove rubbed elbows with the talent up front?  Bad call, guys.

Second, these are the two definitive articles about what we're looking at, if you buy the idea that Hispanics need to be courted (here, and here).  I do. I think the American way is the best way for everyone.  I think that poor people who come here want a chance but they need to learn to think differently and operate differently to flourish.  That's true for everyone: this isn't about the Democrats winning, it's about them having a vested interest in people staying poor.  Yeah, education and changing the culture takes time, but this lurching from one election to the next is ridiculous.  I'd much rather live among brown, black, and green people who have a similar worldview. This stuff doesn't sell itself, folks: we need to intrude on young people's lives, Univision, and BET.  Whatever it takes.

Third, please, let's all take a good hard look at the Tea Party and what it means.  It doesn't mean split your effing votes and end up with Todd Akin.  It doesn't mean Christine "I'm Completely Crazy But I'll Vote the Right Way Every Time" O'Donnell should get the nod.  You don't want crazy people from Delaware in Congress: they become Vice President.  If the "Tea Party" is going to do anything but snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, it had better start playing very smart and stop nixing candidates who are electable just because of an unrealistically high standard of purity.  This is a diverse country, folks: please let the Buckley Rule rule.

Call me silly, but I found Mitt Romney a more attractive and better candidate as he went along, but, according to my sources the Bain attack ads really, really hurt him.  It wasn't not mentioning Benghazi, it wasn't not mentioning Fast and Furious, it wasn't not talking about China, it wasn't anything beyond the immediate scope of the economic circumstances of places like Ohio.  You have one guy who tells you for 3 months straight on every TV spot imaginable that the other guy enjoys shoving people out into the cold with no counterarguments, then you blow in and say, "Look! 2,000 jobs at Jeep! And that other guy wanted GM to fail!"  And there you go- Oiho gone, gone, gone.

UPDATE: ORCA and other organization problems left the GOP seriously uncompetitive in the ground game.  ORCA is the fault of the Romney campaign, and gives a big fat lie to his vaunted managerial reputation.  But hey, if Obama's real expertise is running a campaign and that doesn't translate to running a country (except soil-ward), maybe Romney's truly shøtty, arrogant, echo-chamber campaign wouldn't have been a predictor of how he would run the country.

When everyone's finished parsing the numbers, we'll see that the emphasis on small biz was effective- on small biz.  The people who could be working in small businesses but aren't because SB's are being squeezed don't see it that way: they are unemployed and they depend on a safety net.  You could call it free stuff, but that doesn't get you any votes.  People making over $50k per year voted for Romney, but the people they could be hiring didn't.  Again, the Democrat Party has a vested interest in keeping people on the edge, economically speaking (please see Marriage and the Decline Thereof, for example.)

Also, and this is just my flea-bitten opinion, but the nipping at the heels stuff that the Breitbartless Breitbart-dot-com is doing doesn't change votes or attitudes, it just provides a nice little cocoon for the people who are already true believers.  They serve a purpose, but when I tuned in to Twitter late Tuesday, Dana Loesch's rah rah rah we keep fighting stuff was completely stupid.  She had shilled and shilled and shilled for Todd Akin after is [bad word-ing] stupid comments and it didn't make a dime's worth of difference except to keep him in the race.  And she villified John Cornyn to boot.  Sorry: she should have been somewhere when McCaskill was buying all those ads against Akin's qualified opponents, or maybe she should have used her influence to get one of the opponents to drop (hey, Dana: use a hidden camera to dig up some sealed divorce records:it's a proven method for getting rid of inconvenient candidates.) My mother, God rest her soul, vamped a guy who threatened to run against the decent candidate and thereby guaranteeing a Dem victory: she kept him busy at a bar until past the filing deadline.  Are we above even that?  I bet James O'Keefe would be more than happy to wander on the wild side for the cause. It's a win-win: call it pre-gaming the oppo tactics.

OK, rant over.  Go see Argo- most excellent movie.  Me, I'm a Bond Girl this weekend.  There is nothing like a good Bond movie to drive away the End of Civilization blues.  And WurstFest!  Bond 'n Brats, oh yeah.


That's Swell

Oh, great: I'm reduced to water-related punnery for my first post in who knows when.  Yesterday I got the notice from Squarespace that they were down, and I thought, I wonder if I can use that as an excuse for not blogging for, you know, weeks.


Let's knock this out: 

Ted Cruz/John Cornyn event today was conveniently located très close to moi, so I went and hugged my main man, and spoke cordially to Senator Cornyn (I almost wrote Corzine: my fingers would voluntarily secede from the handy union for that mistake!) about BenghaziBenghaziBenghaziBenghazi.  

Are any of you married to someone who wants to go to Indiana for his/her birthday?  I know at least one of my readers (Rachel!) is in Indiana, but really, even if you live there, do you want to go there for your birthday?  BTW, I've had a lovely jaunt into Indiana, around Goshen, so it is very nice but we're going for a day, from Texas. OK.  As long as we go on AA and I get my Gold Status, I'm fine with this.

Meg Ryan votes for Paul Ryan (no relation, we hope)Lena Dunham and Her First Time: I bet she hasn't been tossed from the polling place for screaming "YES!" while highlighting Paul Ryan's name.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Guilty Pleasure: getting pleading, pathetic emails from the Obama Campaign for more money.  Yes, let me stipulate that I am not sure we're going to win, I just have that happy feeling, and until I'm officially informed otherwise, I'm going to enjoy it.  I especially like the stuff from the Chief Operating Officer at Camp O, "I'm not going to sugarcoat this: the other side has $45 million more than we do right now!"  I love that.  And then there's Michelle, thanking me for all my hard work, but it's time to "dig a little deeper."  OK: I'm writing a check to Josh Mandel right now! 

Speaking of Michelle, I felt validated when I heard Laura Ingraham refer to one of her (MO's) fashion choices as "The Empire Waist Strikes Back".  I'm not a fan of the EW look, but one's choices are limited if one is very short-waisted and "shaped like a fine guitar" as my mother so delicately put it.  I feel as though I have to get my fashion comments in quickly as First Lady Fashion Fodder will soon leave us… what a pleasant thought.


Last Debate, Snooze Button Edition

I have to agree with the folks who thought this debate was rather less entertaining than the other two.  But and however, the resident skeptic/moderate who by the way was debate champeen in high school, gave it hands down to Governor Romney.  He thought Barry's attitude was in need of adjustment, let's say.  "Petty", "condescending", "adolescent", etc.  He also gave Romney points for actually having something resembling a foreign policy.

I suppose the strategy for this debate was to come across as a non-threatening, peace-through-strength moderate, and to look "presidential." Romney did that.  I was, as a conservative, not pleased with certain aspects of what he articulated.  For example, I think Pocky-ston is a failed state and incorrigiably corrupt and we should be looking at India for our strategic interestes in South Asia.  I think that Benghazi needed more of an airing out.  I think that somewhere in all of this, when we talk about foreign aid, Romney should have promised that he wouldn't sell arms to foreign drug cartels.  I'm personally rather tired of the "Afghans will be able to defend themselves" crap with no one having the political courage to state something obvious: the Afghans are showing exactly zero talent for taking care of their own business, and while they are not taking care of it, there are more and more "green on blue" killings.  Note to Bill Kristol: it isn't just independents who are war weary.

I was distracted for a minute and came back into focus when I hears Obama say, "…people want a better education for their children and more opportunities, that's why we've funded a conference to promote entrepreneurship" and I thought, wait a minute, isn't this the foreign policy debate?  And BO has never been interested in encouraging entrepreneurship here.  Of course: it turns out he was talking about Egypt.  Maybe he'll have better luck with their economy. And by the way: the Pew Report says that the U.S. is viewed less favorably now in the ME than it was four years ago.  More conferences- make that with a side of cowbell, please!

Best tweet of the night goes to Nathan Wurtzel, after BO goes on at length about how the sanctions are crippling Iran's economy: "So Obama has ruined two economies, Iran's and ours."

On that subject, where is the incessant bleating about sanctions hurting innocent people- what, the Left likes the ayatollahs less than Saddam?  Why doesn't everyone take a big huff of Uncle Joe's Fixodent and deny that Iran can do anything with their weaponized uranium.  So much easier.

Best comment from the resident moderate, when BO was talking about intervening in Libya so that they could overthrow, uh, uhhhh... (yeah, presidential brain fade) and hubby screams at the TV, "Qaddafi, you idiot!"


Last Debate Tomorrow!



In other news: Hey, what about those one-on-one talks with Iran?  This administration needs the organizational equivalent to this.  I'm calling it "Reset Flexibility Preview", or "Barry's No-good, Very Bad, Terrible Foreign Policy On Steroids with Added Flexibility Enhancers and Kaboom!® Finish."

In still other news, the Going Out of Business Sale:

I sent this to a "friend" (Aelf, you know who you are) and rec'd this reply:"Maybe they're eligible for TARP funds?"  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Get your collectible loser gear NOW!  I'd actually get a Bobble Head if they had any, but I think they don't stock them because they're a bit undignified.  Oh, wait: this is the administration that has Joe Biden as Vice-President, one atrial defib away from the presidency.  Never mind.

Next post: Keeping up with the Benghazi Affair.


October, When An Old Pol's Fancy Turns To…