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Rabindranath Tagore

"The skepticism about human rationality that science inspires should not be taken as support for authoritarianism or paternalism… On the contrary, it should render questionable all claims to wise and disinterested leadership, including those of America’s own altruistic progressive technocrats who propose policies to “nudge” the unenlightened masses into doing the right thing. It makes more sense to think of our leaders and intellectuals as half-crazed hooting howler monkeys — just like the rest of us."
Michael Lind, Salon, August 23,2011
“Seeing what isn’t there is half the job of being on the Left. The other half is changing what isn’t there through costly, intrusive, and ill-conceived initiatives (save 10 percent for keeping Charlie Rangel out of trouble).” -Abe Greenberg, October 9, 2009
“To date, what non-Obama voters see, and fear, is a candidate content to coast to the nomination and then conduct a blandly conservative campaign. They want a more substantive choice than that. They want to have it out over the worth or danger of Barack Obama’s ideas. They want the chance to ratify Washington’s enormous long-term claims on the country’s wealth, or decisively reject them." – Daniel Henninger, WSJ, July 21, 2011
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The Summer Soldier and The Sunshine Patriot

These are the times that try men's souls.  Some more than others.  Right wing "megapundits" who live in New York and write for a living seem to be particularly tried.  Not unexpectedly, these bastions of conservative thought are doing what anyone would do when faced with banishment from the cocktail circuit: drinking their own urine and voting for the f*cking Marxist.

There has been a flurry of columns and blog posts, on NRO, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and, notoriously, The Daily Beast, that have revealed the extent to which the Conservative Chattering Class is riddled with sunshine patriots, and in the case of Kathleen Parker, a vernal equinox Private Benjamin.  My own flea-bitten opinion, less well articulated than those of the brilliant author of "Stop Global Laming" and Mark Steyn, and Kathryn Jean Lopez, is that when we lose the voices of Peggy Noonan, David Brooks, Kathleen Parker, and Chris Buckley, we aren't losing much and they are losing much more, both personally and professionally.  Nevertheless, their faithlessness is demoralizing, especially to the extent that they are used as propaganda tools of the MSM.  I haven't bothered to look through the sewers of the leftist  blogosphere, but if I were a leftist (say, Katie Couric), I'd be clamoring to interview Peggy Noonan, the arch-Catholic, pro-life stalwart, tireless (tiresome) promoter of civility and "savoring,"  just to ask her what yoga postition is best suited for reconciling the yin of "infanticide" with the yang of "human life is sacred."  Then, as Katie, I could conclude, chirpily, that it's so much easier not to have a moral viewpoint to jettison in the first place!  Welcome to the club, Peggy!

Aside but on topic: I met a man who had been a prisoner of war in Vietnam, a resident for several years of the Hanoi Hilton.  He said one of his worst times was when he was hauled in for interrogation and his captors showed him an American newspaper that had a lengthy article about the "Winter Solder" conference in Detroit.  There were pictures of some of the long-haired speakers, including John Kerry.  The interrogator pointed to the paper and said, "Your mother is here."  My acquaintance a first disbelieved that his mother would consort with a bunch of disreputable-looking men like this, but there her name was in the article.  He looked up and said, "No, that's your mother!" for which he was smacked.  Later, of course, he found out how his mother had been exploited and how the "Winter Soldiers" had lied to her and to everyone. Can you imagine the guilt of a mother who realizes her naivete contributed to her son's suffering as a prisoner of war? End aside.

Shall we take an inventory?  Let's see-  Peggy Noonan, David Brooks, Kathleen Parker, Christopher Buckley, and with referreeing by someone called Ross Douthat who thinks David Brooks should be Sarah Palin's speechwriter.  Can we really have Sarah Palin running around the country saying, "Barack Obama, so steady, so unflappable! He's a homeostasis machine!"?  I don't think so.

I'm sure that there are others, around the margins.  Fortunately, most of them live in New York.  And, frankly, their stock as conservative "pundits" has been faltering for some time, if it wasn't totally in the tank already.  I mean, David Brooks is a nice guy, wonderful writer, but it's time to scrub "conservative" from the resume if your official job title at the Gray Lady is "House Nigger."  The only qualification I have is that I genuinely respect Heather MacDonald, and frankly, she doesn't (from what I've read: I could be misinformed) go so far as to say she's voting for Obama.  Has Kathleen Parker?  I don't know, but her writing is so vapid and wanting of logic that I'd positively celebrate Minnie Mouse's departure from my sinking ship.  As for the Pegster, I know she'll looooove being the darling of the Left- they've been so kind to her in the past!

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