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While Obama is Pouring All of His Energy Into "Health Care"

A nostalgia moment: Do you remember when Barack Obama cited his childhood sojourn in Indonesia and his undergraduate major in International Studies as his qualifications to set, implement, and defend American foreign policy?  Do you remember laughing at the "International Studies" part? 

Eight years ago George W. Bush called out Iran as one of the threesome "Axis of Evil."  Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism.  Iran is going nuclear as we speak.  In what has become typical of Obama and symptomatic of his "world as dialectic" formula for doing practically everything in foreign policy (Afghanistan is the big exception, a real fluke) he has decided to take the one-dimensional slogans that pass for reasoned critiques of Bush in the lefty cocktail party circuit and do the opposite.  If Bush doesn't "engage," i.e. talk endlessly, nicely, respectfully, then Obama will beg, scrape, and flatter just to get the Iranians to talk.  Just talk.  Many observers thought at the time of the Iranian elections, when all hell was breaking loose over the flagrant fraud, Obama's hesitance to speak out and object had to do with his fear that he would endanger the "talks."  Now, it appears that he may have actually emboldened the Iranians to brutally put down their own citizens because they had hard evidence that Obama wanted to talk above all else- he wanted face-to-face dialogue at any price and would accept any provocation and insult rather than endanger the possibility of "talks."  From David Ignatius, via Jennifer Rubin at Contentions:

One Iranian political figure has told a Western intermediary that the Obama administration may have unwittingly encouraged the regime’s power grab by sending two letters to Khamenei before the June election. The first, delivered through Iran’s mission to the United Nations, was a general invitation to dialogue. Khamenei is said to have taken a month to answer, and then only in vague terms. A second Obama administration letter reiterated U.S. interest in engagement. According to the Iranian political figure, this may have emboldened Khamenei and Ahmadinejad to think they had a free hand on June 12.

And, if that's not enough:  More evidence that Iran is meddling in Afghanistan, supporting the Taliban against our soldiers and the coalition troops.

And, if that's not enough: Obama's deadline of mid-September for serious answers to Iran's nuclear intentions is getting the Big Yawn treatment from Tehran.  Ho hum.  Ahmadinejad is terribly busy helping Hugo acquire weaponry and nuclear technology and can't be bothered with The One's petitions.  But not to worry: Venezuela isn't a threat.

Israel is going to take matters into its own hands- hoping that Russia will decide to stop the shipment of anti-aircraft weaponry to Iran so that an airstrike will be feasible.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is rumored to have gone to Russia secretly to press the Russians on that very issue.

Our foreign policy is in a complete shambles and Obama is busy with the dog-and-pony shows about the "crisis" that even he admits isn't a crisis.  Meanwhile, the economy is stagnant, employment will top 10%, American soldiers are being killed by Iranian weapons, democrats in Iran and Honduras are being actively subverted by Obama and the world's tyrants are sleeping better at night knowing that America is being led by a naive, narrow, weak man.

PS.  Apparently Hillary has had enough.  Imagine being the In-Name-Only head of this colossal, embarrassing, dangerous mess.  Westchester County Animal Control Chief would be a career advance at this point.

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Hills may not want to get stuck with the blame when Iran drops the big one.
September 11, 2009 | Unregistered Commenteraelfheld

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